this blog. And about me.

. . . Hmmmm. What does that mean exactly — “in a good place?”

Well, for me . . . it’s about finding contentment in the moment of now. (Do you know what I mean? It not, stay tuned.) Eagerly learning what I still don’t know, and let’s face it, that’s plenty. Finally figuring out it’s best not to take anything for granted — whether it’s relationships, health, or opportunity. Living — with my eyes wide open.

The fact is: I do feel like I am in a good place. So, I want to chronicle it. Maybe in this way, I can be (re)assured of savoring every morsel that life serves up.

If this blog helps, encourages, communicates and shares, well, then, those are additional good reasons for its launch.

My name is Susan, and I’m pictured on this page with my two Aussies, Sam & Casey. I chose journalism as my college major way back when because, to be honest about it, I wasn’t much of a math whiz. As it turns out, I’ve enjoyed an interesting career as an editor, writer and communications designate. I’ve gained insights, knowledge, inspiration, a kind of fortitude . . .  from everyone I’ve ever encountered. But, I suppose, haven’t we all — even though we may not think so at first? From my perspective, I am ever so grateful.

My gigs with local, regional and national shelter magazines opened up an unexpected source of enjoyment for me: remodeling homes.  I’ve now done a few.

A health alert sent me down another path back in 2007. I returned to school to learn about wellness and nutrition. I am now a firm believer in that you are what you eat. As you read my blog entries, you will know it remains an interest.

I’ve always had a bit of wanderlust in me. Working for a national airline at one point in my life helped to nurture that yearning. And then for a while it lay dormant. But it’s re-awakened.  As you will see.

So, thanks for joining my journey. And if you have some suggestions, questions or recommendations, drop me a line.